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Inspired at Work

Have you lost your inspiration at work?

If so you might be experiencing some of the following:

  • Loss of promotion opportunities
  • Negative feedback from supervisors and teammates
  • Unsatisfactory work relationships
  • A loss in self-confidence and disconnection from your true value or worth
  • A loss in skills and ability, which can lead you to feeling trapped in a particular role with no way up or no way out
  • A loss of revenue if your salary is tied to performance
  • A feeling of real discouragement
  • Doubt, fear or worry about your future

If you have lost your inspiration at work:

  • Either you’re not in the right line of work and not doing what you really want to do, OR….
  • You’ve stopped giving your best.

I’m sure you could look at a myriad of other supporting factors like organizational fit, relationships with bosses, coworkers and clients, commute time, salary and benefits and the impact of your work as other key drivers.

But in the end it really can be simplified by asking yourself these simple questions:

  • Do I love the work I’m doing?
  • If not, is it because I’m not in the right line of work?
  • Or have I loved the work before, but have stopped giving my best because of my frustration with my organization, my bosses, co-workers, salary and benefits, clients, etc.?

In the Inspired at Work Coaching Program, you’ll:

  • Take a laser like focus on the type of work you want to do and get real clarity.
  • Determine if the type of work you’re doing and the organization you work for and the role you’re in are the right fits.
If the current job IS NOT the right fit If the current job IS the right fit
If your current job is NOT the right fit, you’ll be guided to take inspired action to find the type of job that would. To do that, you’ll need to start feeling good and inspired again, because you can’t find the job you would really LOVE to do if you’re frustrated 5 days a week, agreed?

There is a way to get back to feeling inspired at work and I can show you how!

Once you’re inspired at your current job THEN you’ll be launching into a new job search with vigor, excitement, and anticipation. You’ll move forward with faith and conviction that the next perfect job is around the corner. You’ll come up with great ideas through your intuition and you’ll be internally led to the next great thing!

If the job you’re in IS the right fit, then maybe it’s about getting your confidence back, releasing stress and overwhelm and focusing on the things you can control such as:

  • Bringing your best performance daily
  • Create a “winning” mindset
  • Create highly effective habits and routines
  • Developing harmonious work relationships
  • Release the things that are getting in the way of your thriving at work
  • Taking inspired action

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