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5 ways to keep strong during busy times

5 ways to keep strong during busy times

Life can be super hectic at times, can’t it?  Too many projects, commitments, meetings, activities, events. With all of the busyness, it can be quite challenging to find time to slow down and recharge.

Sometimes we just can’t escape the busyness, no matter how mindful or intentional we are about creating space to centered, to slow down, to be silent or to just get away.

I just recently completed a series of business trips in which I worked in 7 cities in a little over 5 ½ weeks.  I pretty much lived out of my suitcase for most of it, and during the few occasions that I was home, I didn’t have the time to recharge and spend quality time with my family.  Due to the pressures I was under, I immediately had to pivot and prepare for the next business trip.  In the past, such a stretch would have depleted me mentally, physically, emotionally.  I would have been resentful and felt out of control, and those feelings would have led to poor self-care and less than stellar work performance.  After finishing the trip, I came home feeling positive and energized about all that I accomplished, and I attribute that to a simple 5-point formula I used to keep healthy mentally and emotionally during that incredibly hectic period.

These 5 things, if applied, can help you work through your busyness with more resolve, success, and peace.

Affirm that you have enough time.

Whether you believe in the concept that your thoughts create things or you don’t, affirming that you DO have enough time to do what you need today is critical.  You won’t have any more hours, minutes or seconds in your day, but what you will have is a belief that time is working for you, as opposed to against you.  When you believe you have enough time, you’ll enter into any project, meeting or scenario with a sense of peace and inner calm, and that relaxed emotional state will lead you to more creativity, improved connection with others, and enhanced performance.  What’s the alternative?  If you believe you don’t have enough time, you’ll enter into the same situations with tension, anxiety, and frustration.  How can you possibly do well with that state of mind?

Be at peace with your situation.

I know this sounds so cliché, but “it is what it is,” really helps.  If you’re in the land of busyness and there’s nothing you can do about it, what’s the pointing in fighting it, obsessing over it, complaining about it and letting it ruin your day?  You’re going to go through the busyness no matter what, so why not come to peace with it?  The more you resist something, the more it persists.  It just how life works.  Let go of the anger, resentment and frustration.  How does it serve you?  It just gets you more angry, resentful and frustrated.  It doesn’t solve any problems, it doesn’t help your work performance, and you don’t feel any better.

Come to peace with the fact you’re going through a busy day or stretch of time. It won’t last forever.

Use your time creatively to recharge and get centered.

Even when you’re insanely busy, there’s always time to recharge and get centered.  Maybe today is not a day when you can spend 30-60 minutes in prayer, meditation, affirmations, working out, journaling, or whatever you would normally do to set the tone for the day.  Today’s schedule might not allow for “you” time.  That’s ok.  There are still opportunities to get centered.

Be creative. There are ALWAYS pockets of time available if you look for them, and you can often find them in the routine things you do during the day. You shower.  You get dressed.  You drive to work.  You eat. All four of those times can be used to be still and quiet your mind, pray, affirm what you want or get excited about what’s possible in your life.

Send loving messages to yourself.

Loving yourself is incredibly important.  When you are super-busy, it’s so easy to have negative thoughts about others, life, and yourself.

During difficult and challenging times it’s vital that you feel good about you.  When you’re feeling good and loving yourself, life is so much better, and you’re capable of so much more.  If you’re on the run, take a moment and look at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself, “I’ve got this.”  “I’m awesome.”  “Today is going my way.”  Anything that affirms how beautiful, how amazing, how powerful you truly are. You’ll be surprised at how something so simple can give you the strength, resilience, and confidence to tackle whatever comes your way.

Make your attitude one of excitement as opposed to dread.

You’re going to go through the busy day today no matter what you do.  Do you want the day to feel like you’re climbing a tall mountain, or heavy, or struggling to come up for air? Or do you want it to feel exciting, free or easy to manage?

The day will go down based on HOW YOU DECIDE IT WILL.  So choose for a day where life works – each and every aspect of it!  So for example, if I have a meeting at 9 am, I’ll say to myself right before the meeting, “That meeting at nine is going to be awesome.  I’m going to speak with power and persuasion.  People are going to resonate with what I say, and it’s going to be a successful meeting.”  Isn’t that better than entering into that meeting thinking, “Ugh.  I’m super busy and don’t have time for this. This meeting is going to be tense, or a waste of time or I’m going to receive 30 new assignments to do.”  Which will lead to a more productive meeting where you finish feeling good about yourself?  The choice is obvious.

If you expect a day that works, you significantly increase the chance that it will.  If you expect a day of dread or difficulty, it’s pretty much an iron-clad guarantee that your day will go that way.

Five simple ways to stay strong during busy times.  If you use them, you’ll be amazed at how much easier things become.

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