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My Philosophy

My philosophy

I truly believe that getting connected to Spirit (or our Higher Power) is the answer to every question in our lives.  I really believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience and Spirit is the source of our true power.  When we are connected to Spirit, things flow, and when we move away from Spirit and focus more on ego, things get more constricted.

Spirit, as I see it, is the center of all things (see Figure below):

Spiritual Gifts

All gifts come from Spirit, so when I began to look for spiritual solutions to the challenges in my life as opposed to earthly ones, that’s when my life really began to change for the better.

I’ll be honest.  I fought reaching this personal conclusion for years. I spent many years of my life believing that:

  • “I” was in control and I was going at life “alone”
  • It was up to me (only) to get the results I wanted
  • The life I was observing was the real “truth”
  • I was broken, flawed and incomplete with real limitations
  • I could not control my destiny
  • I was unworthy of certain things because of some of my old religious teachings

I’ve spent many years experimenting with inviting Spirit (my Higher Power) into my life, usually to save me from some sort of crisis.  Every time, Spirit would answer my call in a powerful way, regardless of whether it was the answer I thought I was looking for.

Things would get better, I’d stop my spiritual practices, and I’d lose momentum. I’d invite Spirit in again, life would improve.  I’d stop it, life became more challenging. This cycle repeated over and over and over, and on occasion it still does!

After a life full of ups and downs, flow and restriction, I’ve come to realize that the more I awaken my connection to Spirit (or my Higher Power), things generally go my way, so I must consciously choose to stay connected if I truly want a life without limitation.

Coaching with a Spiritual lens

I can help you bring about a powerful result in your life whether you see yourself as religious, spiritual, or non-spiritual.  I have a religious side of me and a spiritual side of me, and I see both of them as truth.  I have the ability to understand your spiritual or religious journey, honor it and help you bring that part of you more alive.

We don’t have to bring that part of you into our coaching if you don’t want to.  With that said, for those that do, it can help in a big, big, way.

I really believe that  mental healing and spiritual healing are deeply connected, and I believe that the more we believe in ourselves, the more we have the faith that things will work out in our lives, the more that faith is rewarded and things go our way.

The challenge, of course, is to really LIVE our faith, for it is in living it that we demonstrate that we really believe it.

So let’s decide for a life without limits.  A life in which the Divine, or God, or the Spirit within is fully expressed in us.  Where we take down all the obstacles to seeing it expressed in ourselves and really connect to it.  To decide that with our Higher Power (whomever or whatever that is for us personally) all things are possible.  And so it shall be.