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Non-profit consulting

It’s a real challenge providing high-quality social services in an ever-changing and highly competitive non-profit arena.

  • The challenges your clients face are becoming increasingly complex.
  • The demands on your staff are becoming more significant, often leading to increased stress or burnout.
  • Funders are asking more and more of you, leading to consistent pressure to improve the services you provide.
  • Competition for funding has never been greater, putting existing programs and risk and making it more difficult to secure funding for new program initiatives.


To help you effectively address some of these challenges, Christopher can help your organization in the following areas:

  • Conducting program health scans to give leadership a deeper understanding or program strengths, challenges, risks and opportunities
  • Strengthening existing service delivery and program operations through effective consultation
  • Helping programs effectively prepare for a program audit or evaluation
  • Delivering personal development seminars to increase employee productivity and well being
  • Raise morale through motivational speeches
  • Strengthening local teams through team building and group coaching
  • Supporting and improving staff who are struggling in their role with individual coaching
  • Improving leadership capacity through executive coaching
  • Effectively meeting project objectives through sound project management and group facilitation
  • Strengthening organizational direction through strategic planning