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Do your best

Do your best

During my journey as a coach,  I’ve come across a powerful principle that has proven itself time and time again:

To advance beyond where you currently are in life, you must become larger.

When you become too large for your position or your place in life, you will begin to draw something larger to you.  That’s a fact.  And how do you do that?  By doing your best. In my last blog, I spoke about setting the tone for your life.  Expect the good to get the good.  Doing your best is just as important.  Why is that so?

Let’s take those seeking a new job or career, for example.  Many individuals seeking a job or career change are clearly dissatisfied in their current job, and there may be a myriad of reasons why.  Due to those reasons, a very large percentage of those individuals have stopped doing their best on a daily basis, and the price they pay for that is quite high. When you’re not bringing the best of you, performance suffers.  De-motivation can set in.  Inspirational ideas are much harder to access, leading to a loss in creativity. Supervisors and co-workers begin to notice, which leads to interactions or work scenarios that aren’t helpful.  You stop feeling good about yourself at work, which can often lead to negative internal messaging.  And the list could go on and on.

So, how can one launch into a powerful new job or career from that mindset?  Quite simply one cannot.

The very first strategy I employ with those desiring a new job or career is to strongly encourage them to do their best in their current job. The simple premise being that if you’re excited about new possibilities on the weekend, and you’re feeling poor about how things are going the other five days of the week, which do you think is your predominant mental state?

The results those individuals have by becoming great again in their current position are almost instantaneous.  They begin to feel better about themselves, start having more impact, their excellent job performance gets noticed by superiors, and a funny thing happens along the way…..they become FAR more hopeful of an amazing future.  Once that feeling is achieved, its much easier to get that person convicted that they can bring about something greater.  And they do.

Going beyond personal conviction, doing your best leads to you becoming more both personally and professionally.  More skillful, more creative, more knowledgeable, more resilient and more valuable!  Of course becoming more valuable invariably leads to a wider variety of opportunities for advancement.

Do your best.  Make a decision, a real decision that regardless of your life circumstances at this moment, regardless of how challenging things seem, regardless of how others are showing up, that you’re going to make the best of it and bring everything you have.  Because doing your best brings out the best in you, and you feel good when you’re activating your best.

Do it for you. Others will benefit too, but do it for you first.  That’s not selfishness.  That’s investing in you so you can be a pillar of strength for others. So make a commitment to do your best and watch what happens.

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