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Chris gave me some very effective strategies for manifesting goals in a positive and spiritually-centered way. Chris guided me in setting my first short-term goal, which I thought would take me 6 months to complete. However, with his help I was able to manifest my goal in only 2 months! This experience made me way more confident in my abilities to work with Spirit to accomplish anything for my highest good. As Chris says, “I’m your reminder guy.” Rather than feeding me his own opinions and ideas, Chris simply reminded me of the amazing power I have within myself. I highly recommend working with Chris to anyone who wants to put Spirit first in their career.

Kian X.

Before working with Chris, I was reacting to life instead of acting in it. I was letting everything control me instead of me controlling it. After working with Chris, I now have the tools to work & rework my thoughts for a lifetime. Chris has made me see situations differently & I am now back to controlling my own life. Amazing Experience!

Joanne C.

After working with Chris, you will have the ability, confidence and poise to define your inner talents and strengths, achieve your ultimate potential and be empowered to share your gifts with the world.  I passionately recommend Chris’ services to anyone who is committed to the pursuit of professional excellence, self-improvement, and personal and spiritual growth.

Joseph R.

If you want to change your situation, or if you simply want to get back to the things that truly make your heart beat, then I recommend Christopher Lee Hogan to you as a coach, guide and supporter on your journey.  You will work hard.  Your assumptions will be challenged.  But if you do the work, you will be reconnected with the person know yourself to be at the very core.

Joseph M.

Christopher was a great partner when I need assistance getting my career back on track.  Working with Christopher helped me changed my focus and live with a truer sense of gratitude. Once I regained focus, he helped me build a personal mechanism to quickly pivot mentally when I started letting negativity inch back in.  I had all of this within me and Christopher was a great coach and guide to help me get back on track.  The process was so beneficial, and in the end, I landed a job that I love.

Timothy F.

Christopher is highly professional and also able to get to the core issues that are driving business challenges, many of which also positively impacted my personal life as well.  Highly valuable time spent and smart guidance throughout our work together.

Kathy K.

Working with Christopher is so beneficial and fun.  He is the reason that I have attracted my dream house when everyone told me it couldn’t be done. Christopher gave me the tools to achieve my goals with ease.  I have been using what he taught me for multiple manifestations and I know the possibilities for me are endless.

Lori L.

Christopher’s coaching was a LIFE LINE during a very difficult period. I probably would have spiraled down into a dark black hole out of fear, anxiety, etc… toward depression. Instead I was able to feel inspired and good and convicted. I was completely disconnected from myself, the universe, spirit, and was lost. This helped me to remember and reconnect with even more strength. The impact has been on a deep personal and spiritual level as well as in measurable terms like a new job/career that met my criteria/conditions and quelled my fears about returning to work and financial stability and flow.

Laura S.

I looked at the first email I sent Chris and I almost felt sorry for this sad girl who said things like “I can’t, I don’t, and I am stuck”. None of those words have come out my mouth since our first session….. Thank you Chris!

Judy C.

Chris has great spiritual energy which is very contagious. He facilitates a journey of spiritual growth that is very practical for making positive changes in any aspect of life.

Donna O.