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I’ve been a student of success principles for the past 15 years and I’ve learned a great deal about strategies and approaches one can take to transform any area of their life.

Workshop topics can be customized for your group’s or conference’s need.  To explore the possibility of developing a game changing workshop for you and your team/group, please fill out the contact form below.

Here are some of Christopher’s most popular workshops:

There is a strong link between effective emotional self-care and your personal job satisfaction, maintaining good health and well-being, and being effective in your daily work.  The challenge with a good deal of emotional self-care workshops is that while they do talk about ways of managing stress, they never get to the root cause of the problem, and thus the stress is only temporarily diminished after the workshop is over.  In the “Taking Care of You” workshop, participants will learn the real causes of emotional stress and receive tools that will give them much more confidence and control of their daily work and life.

Developing good, healthy, harmonious relationships is important for every aspect of a person’s life.  Participants will gain a clear understanding of their ways of being and doing that are standing in the way of them creating the relationships they strongly desire. Learn powerful attraction techniques that will improve harmony with others, and approaches that will bring about healing in relationships perceived to be a challenge.

This experiential workshop is designed to support you in designing a life that you would absolutely love living.  In this workshop the participants will identify what they desire and discuss ways of removing obstacles to achieving it; learn to create a state of allowing more of what they want into their own lives; and use the powers of intention, focus, specificity and belief to propel themselves to a whole new level of being.

There is so much in life that appears to hold us back and all of it, surprisingly enough, is self-induced.  Learn how to eliminate those things in life that no longer serve you, release self-imposed barriers and beliefs and give yourself permission to live life at a completely different level.

In this day and age of tight budgets, limited resources and increased demands the pressure on program and management staff to do more with less has never been greater.  Learn essential techniques that will enable you to work at your very best while increasing your level of personal satisfaction and fulfillment in your current role.  In this workshop, the participants will learn to increase their awareness of internal challenges that are impeding their performance and well being; develop effective ways of working and being that will help increase their feelings of self control, while reducing stress and increasing productivity; and, identify and reconnect to their inner core and come at any new challenge from a position of great internal strength.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and our work is what we do but not who we are.

Since we are Spirit, it is vitally important to understand how to apply spiritual laws and principles, which are the true determinants of one’s success and satisfaction at work.  This powerful workshop will teach you how to look at your work through a spiritual lens and give you highly effective tools to use to improve your performance, focus, relationships and outlook in your particular role.

Call Christopher at 978-634-1355 or use this contact form to learn how Christopher can tailor a workshop that can meet your group or organization’s needs.